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Freedom in the air



Fatimah Akhtar

Disney finally got it right. Well as closest to right as it gets (but hey, nobody's perfect, so let's give them that). The Disney Studio's newest franchise features two new princesses, Elsa and Anna. The story is loosely based on Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale, “The Snow Queen”. The former princess being the Snow Queen in question, very loosely based indeed (hint: I say that because the original Snow Queen had nothing to do with princesses).
But regardless, the movie is the most politically correct princess movie Disney has made, even going as far as to mocking the Prince Charming concept. The whole plotline follows the two princesses. Elsa, born with the power to control ice, hasn't exactly harnessed the power yet and ends up freezing most things even when she doesn't mean to; her sister's hair, for example. She isolates herself from humanity, believing them to be against her. Her sister, Anna, the rambunctious princess, who albeit apprehensive of her estranged sister, goes on an adventure to save her sister.
The movie is a proper portrayal of the shift in the female dynamics in society. Whereas the princesses of yesteryears were coined as “damsels in distress”, both Anna and Elsa have proven to be anything but that. Although, there were still shortcomings in the plotline and even after going to great lengths to be politically correct, there were places where Disney fell short (read: white supremacy). However, Disney still managed to turn “Frozen” into a movie I'd proudly make my little sisters or daughters watch (and not just because I am a loyal Disney fan).
If you like Disney or if you are open to Disney movies, then I would gladly recommend this to you. Prepare to be awed by Olaf and watch as Disney redefines its own definition of true love. The score by Christopher Beck for the musical is brilliant. The movie is directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, and features some of my favourite people -- Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel and Jonathon Gross.

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