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Nusrat Jahin Angela

After “Fullmetal Alchemist”, this was the second action anime I've seen. I was never a fan of this genre but this anime managed to get me hooked till the last episode.
The plot revolves around Shirō Emiya, a high school student plus an amateur mechanist. Unknowingly one day he summons a 'servant', Saber, and dives into a mysterious Holy Grail War.
Competitors fight with their magical, summoned servants to kill off their opponents and obtain the Holy Grail which has the power to grant a wish. These so-called servants are each named after their weapon and they are each a reincarnation of a historical figure. Through this raging war, Shiro Emiya finds allies and enemies in other competitors and finally learns the truth about his father. The war is full of suspense and melodrama and at some point you will find yourself shedding tears over the death of a servant.
A side plot develops between Shiro and his servant. Even though this plot is not given much importance, Shiro and Saber's bond is highlighted several times.  Within a few days Shiro finds himself deeply in love with his servant only to realise that it was never meant to be. She is just a reincarnation of a historical character temporarily existing in his world.
One thing that I found a little irritating is Shiro's continuous pledge to be a hero of his town, a strange dream for a high school student. Fragile and caring, Shiro only thinks of others' benefit and even disinclines to kill opponents. Though our hero is against violence, he should not be mistaken as a coward. Through his actions, it is shown how good-hearted and innocent he is. In contrast Saber, his servant, is a woman of steel. Strong and confident, Saber never shows any hint of emotion. She gives the impression that she has no heart at all, but in the end a rather different side of Saber is shown.   
A lot of interesting incidents come up and you won't be bored watching this anime. Though comedy is not a highlight, there are the occasional laughs.  So I say you give it a try. Trust me it will not be a waste of time.  

Nusrat Jahin Angela is a Class 10 student at Scholastica, Dhaka.

Published: 12:00 am Sunday, February 09, 2014

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