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Sheikh Shefath Saadman
Photo: Madhubanti Anashua
Photo: Madhubanti Anashua

Budget: 300 or less
Target: Meal for 2 people

If one wants a full tummy within a somewhat decent budget, then frankly speaking Dhanmondi 27 is not the place you want to be. It is home to the overpriced Nando's and the ridiculously shallow Shampan.
Nevertheless if one is in dire need for a decent meal when there isn't much money left in the wallet, then Baine Marie is the place I'd suggest without having second thoughts. It is situated right beside Oxford International School. The place might feel somewhat small but do not let the looks deceive you, because the food there is absolutely more than meets the eye. It has air-conditioning too; nothing beats air conditioning.
Baine Marie has this system which allows you to order quick meals ranging from Tk 120 and above. In this particular case, you can order 2 items. If you order 3 then you would have to pay a bit more than the usual. The items are beef masala, chicken masala, friend chicken and vegetables. The customer has the freedom to choose the combination of their choice. So, around Tk 250 will set you up with two quick meals and two beverages (for Tk 25 each).
If you are aiming for even cheaper then you can always order two plates of spaghetti which will cost you no more than 120 bucks; do ask for some sauce though.

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