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Mirza Momo Ushra
Photo: Orchid Chakma
Photo: Orchid Chakma

Change is not limited; change can range from a drop in the temperature, to a massive change in careers. As Mahatma Gandhi phrases it best, “Be the Change you wish to see in the World.” As the youth of the world, we hold the ability to amend what we deem unfit. Among the tiresome and somewhat drab city-dwellers, linger a few such change-makers who are trying their best to change the world for the better.
I recently had the opportunity to come across two such vibrant individuals. Two young girls in their teens, with their braided hair and in long kameez, stood before me with a sort of passion in their eyes, which is truly hard to put into words. These youngsters -- Sagorica and Tonni, residents of rural Jhenaidah -- really know how to put words into action.
Sagorica and Tonni picked the one sector that they were well accustomed to -- education, and took active action. After the dynamic duo received training on how to conduct community service, through One Degree Challenge (hosted by the One Degree Initiative Foundation) they began to implement all that they had learnt.
The two girls began by forming a student club consisting of 34 members from Moslem Uddin High School. The students worked as a team to collect funds from their teachers, neighbours and other interested people and with the assembled capital, they established a free help centre for underprivileged students of the school in order to help them continue their learning.
Change can be brought about by the smallest of actions. Change can occur as long as individuals such as Sagorica and Tonni exist with their zeal to improve the world.

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