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Mahtab Ahmed
Photo: Shourove Chowdhury
Photo: Shourove Chowdhury

Urban citizens in their fast-paced lives, after working their way through a frenzied day, do not always succumb to the temptation of reading a novel filled with little dots and scribbles. Some of us would even find the process boring. They would rather spend precious quality time with family and friends. But books present us with knowledge on numerous subjects.
It is an established fact that a responsible citizen would always share the knowledge that s/he gains and allow opportunities to others for benefiting from the same knowledge. I was very fortunate to attend an event recently which made this concept a reality.
In a recent venture, One Degree Initiative Foundation built a small scale library at the Shurovi school (for underprivileged children) in Dhanmondi, with donated and collected books. The school currently has around 600 students and more are enrolling with each proceeding term. This project was one of the many library set-ups undertaken by the organisation over the years, and the best part? They are planning for even more! The sole objective is to provide these children access to books of various genres, and engage them in reading and learning.
Along with the several other young active citizens, I volunteered through the organisation to take part in the project. The library now houses 154 books which would benefit the 600 students to expand their horizon of knowledge. I vividly remember the children rushing in and watching the books pile up on the shelves with excitement. Jahanara, a second grader, said, “Most of us don't have access to storybooks. But from now on we will also be able to enjoy reading books that aren't just textbooks.”
Such change is not impractical. It is not impossible. The smallest of gestures can bring about a significant turn-around when it comes to positive change, a domino effect.

Photo: Shourove Chowdhury
Photo: Shourove Chowdhury


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