• Friday, February 27, 2015


Fatimah Akhtar

When I was younger I remember reading this poetry explanation about how little changes come together and translate to one big change. There's really no measurement or variations of change when it all comes down to the basics; change is change.

Change can be defined by so many things, and one of the best definitions I've heard was opening people up to new possibilities.
When living in Bangladesh, you sort of get used to only being appreciated for the academic side of things. Very rarely is art given much of an importance. It's mostly about finding the right career path (medical, engineering or business) and following through with it.
There are many schools in Dhaka that don't even support art or cultural programmes like teaching students how to dance or paint and such. In 2012, One Degree Initiative Foundation's volunteers, coordinated by Hiya Islam, organised a cultural programme for three such schools in Old Dhaka.
The important thing about this is that it wasn't exactly saving-someone's-life directly or end-world-hunger sort of direct change but it did open up the students' perspective and ideas to a brand new world of possibilities. And maybe this little cultural programme will turn out to be the inspiration for the next Axl Rose or John Mayer.
And I think that's important; I think John Mayers and Axl Roses are important to the world just as doctors or engineers or entrepreneurs. Change is when you let your kid choose what s/he'd like to be, and let them follow through with it even if your parents didn't let you. Sometimes change is something as simple as that.

Published: 12:00 am Thursday, February 20, 2014

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