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Adroit turns 15

Osama Rahman

It all started innocently enough. Fifteen years ago, an 18-year-old boy, fresh out of school, sat and contemplated what the future held. However, it wasn't his own future he was worried about. Rather, it was the future of the very education system that bothered him. He believed that the classroom experience was too rigid in structure -- boring the more imaginative and inquisitive of individuals. Education ought to be fun, he thought. And instead of letting that be just another strand of thought to be put away, he decided to do something about it. So began the journey of Adroit International, an institution founded on principles that seemed contradictory at first but made more sense than anything else to those who experienced them.

Fast forward 15 years to 2014 and Adroit's impact on the education scene is anything but negligible. Birthed in an era of coaching centres, Adroit, although now an established school, drastically changed the way coaching centres taught. Promotional events, cultural programmes, extra-curricular clubs, its own monthly magazine and of course a pool room were all brand new elements for coaching centres. Adroit and its owner, Waqar Ahmed, knew that they were to blaze a trail from the get-go and that's exactly what was done. Education was becoming fun.
Waqar Ahmed made it a point then, as he does now, to carefully select teachers who understood and believed in his philosophy. The classroom experience was enhanced. Teachers were and are still trained to not only impart subject knowledge but further encourage the students to discover their own talents. And in Adroit International everyone has a special talent. It is always up to the teachers to discover and nurture those talents. Repetition and rote are replaced by intellectual discussions and more focus is paid on analytical skills. Classes are punctuated by moments of complete silence and laughter. Here is an opportunity like no other.

Discipline is and was always an important issue. However, individual expression was never discouraged. When Waqar Ahmed told his students that they were all a family, it wasn't just an opinion; it was a belief. Teachers made it a point to celebrate special occasions with the pupils, provide guidance using a trained guidance councillor and the entire faculty made it a point to stand by any student going through a rough patch. There was never any 'I' and rather always us.

Being part of the Adroit family has been amazing. Had I not joined the institution some 8 years ago, I would never have the special memories I have now and would probably been another human trapped in his own shell. Adroit International helped me more than can be expressed. This is perhaps my humble way of thanking Adroit, using what I know best, as encouraged by my mentor and teacher, Waqar Ahmed. Thank you for everything and happy 15th birthday, Adroit!

Published: 12:00 am Thursday, August 28, 2014

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