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Shift Zone

Shift Zone

The car craze has finally exploded but has nowhere to spill over in this overcrowded capital we call Dhaka. There has never been a bigger influx of different makes and models than now. Except we don't have the roads. But that's not stopping anyone fromn hitting the roads with every imaginable size, shape and power output. We see 65BHP hyrbids and 600BHP monsters. School run versus weekend run. It's an eclectic bunch. While we love our fire spitting cars, this week we talk about some of the more 'regular' cars. But regular these days doesn't necessarily equate to boring. Small, light, agile cars are still fun and we bring you a couple of regular cars that could offer a decent amount of fun as well.

Ehsanur Raza Ronny, Editor - Shift

Facebook fans on the Shift page asked us to stop calling the Toyota Sw20 Mr2 the “Poor Man’s Ferrari”, with much debate on whether the term is derogatory towards Toyota owners with MR2s or Ferrari lovers who don’t want their objects of affection being compared with an old Toyota. We also posted a Rooftop Sniping shot of a Lancer Evo VIII which left people scratching their heads in confusion, since it came with an Evo IX front end conversion.
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