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Shahbagh documentaries to premiere in Ottawa

Shahbagh documentaries to premiere in Ottawa

Shahbagh uprising in Bangladesh

On the anniversary of the Shahbagh uprising in Bangladesh, and consequently around the world, there will be a screening of documentaries shown at Mayfair Cinema in Ottawa on February 2. This program was arranged by Projonmo Canada-Ottawa unit, and “Amader Chobi/Our Film” directors and peers, says a press release.
The event showcases six different mini-documentaries of various lengths. Although the central core of the whole event is Shahbagh and its effects on Bangladeshi youth, politics, and society, the documentaries also portray the hopes aspirations and wishes of the people of a land where some dreams have taken over 42 years to come to be realised.
Shahbagh, now also known as Projonmo Chattar, is the location where youth and ordinary citizens stood to protest against the unfair ruling by the International War Crimes tribunal for Qader Mollah for his crimes against humanity during the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971. The documentaries explore Shahbagh and Bangladesh from many different sets of eyes.
The documentaries include Nusrat Khan's “Join the Fight” , Saiful Islam Jarnal's “Voice Of People”, Mahbubur Rahman's “My Both Hands”, Saiful Wadud Helal's “Bangladesh's Ridoy”, Reshmi Ahmed's “My Protest”, and Molla Sagar's “Joy Bangla”. 


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