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Searching for secrets of nature and life

Searching for secrets of nature and life

Shawket Ahmed's exhibition at Dhaka Art Centre
Staff Correspondent

Artist Shawket Ahmed has a fascination for unearthing the mysterious aspects of nature, vastness of mountains, riverine life as well the emotional and psychological world of human beings. He maintains a secluded life and his curiosity appears on his canvases.
Through the exhibition, it is apparent that the artist's creative development is spontaneous, sensitive and wide-ranging. Emotions are the lifeblood of the protagonists on canvas. Without emotional attachment, the work is a mere portrayal of lives or events, which never draw the spectators into the canvas. But the painter has created an emotional ambiance and thought-provoking optical illusions, making the viewers emotionally involved with his paintings.
Shawket's mode of expression is diverse and he feels comfortable working in different mediums like acrylic, prints and watercolour. He is an experimental painter and diverse ideas continuously bubble in his head. He is also a keen observer of his surroundings. The search for splendour is one of the key traits of his creations. At the exhibition, pure abstract, semi-realistic, figurative and surrealistic imagery are very apparent. Many of his works are also quite noticeable for their botanical shapes, geometrical and animal forms. Fish and boats have also appeared in some of his works. He devises the figures, visages and various parts of the forms. Several animals have emerged on the canvases, along with figures and other diverse forms. He has used the animals to convey symbolism. Their torment, ecstasy, pleasure have come to the fore in a lively and intimate manner.
Shawket has a penchant for detailing the figures with objects. The artist also likes to work with amorphous forms and shapes -- transforming them amazingly into tangible expressions. He has used the spatula for most of his paintings which help him go into his desired tones and textures. Without much deliberation, the artist also applies colours and creates forms, lines and compositions. Sometimes he puts layer upon layer of paint, until he feels that he has achieved what he's opting for. The outcome is a thoughtful, subtly balanced arrangement of colours and space that draws an art enthusiast's eyes.
The artist's solo art exhibition titled “Crossing Through” is now on at Dhaka Art Centre, Dhanmondi.


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