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RU BCL does it again

RU BCL does it again

Two factions of a dorm unit clash leaving four hurt, hall vandalised
RU Correspondent

The Rajshahi University unit of ruling Awami League backed Bangladesh Chhatra League yesterday once again showed its penchant for violence on the campus just two days after five activists had assaulted a student for standing up against the harassment of two female peers by them.
This time followers of two leaders, who are vying for the position of president of a residential hall unit, clashed for "establishing supremacy", leaving at least four activists injured.  Four rooms of Nawab Abdul Latif Hall, which are held by the adherents of the two candidates, Shamim Ahmed, a fourth-year student of applied physics, and Mizanur Rahman Mizan, a fourth-year student of physics, were vandalised.
BCL insiders and resident students said Shamim along with about 10 of his followers went to his rival Mizan's room to "settle a previous dispute" around 12:30am, but their talk soon turned into a heated exchange, eventually leading to the fighting.
The warring factions started with sticks and iron rods, and later, the followers of Mizan brandished firearms on the campus. The injured were treated in the university's medical centre.
BCL insiders said the two candidates were flexing muscle in a bid to overpower each other, as the Latif hall unit committee was due in a couple of months.
On information, BCL President of RU Mizanur Rahman Rana accompanied by law enforcers rushed to the dormitory at 1:15am and brought the situation under control. Rana said the incident was a result of "misunderstanding" and that he settled the dispute.
Mizan said Shamim and his followers attacked him without any provocation, while Shamim said it was Mizan whose men assaulted him first.
Prof Bishwanath Sikder, the provost, said he visited the scene, and the situation was calm.


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