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Question paper leak

Question paper leak

The scourge must be stopped

BARELY two weeks have passed since the question papers of English second paper of the HSC exams were leaked; now it's the creative question papers of physics that have met the same fate. The incidence of question paper leakage has reached an alarming state in many public competitive exams in Bangladesh.
This is as serious an offence, if not more, as cheating in the examination halls or adopting unfair means at the exams.
 Usually, it is the handiwork of insiders in cohorts with some outsiders which, with timely internal surveillance coupled with police vigilance, could have been stopped.
Due to this unethical practice the sanctity of exams and the quality of education have taken a bad hit. Also, principles of healthy competition are being affected. Particularly with the recent disclosure about the creative question papers of physics, the purpose of introducing creative questions for preventing the ill-effects of parroting and excessive dependence on notebooks has been defeated.
The government should adopt deterrent measures to preserve the sanctity of public exams. Two probe committees were formed after the leakage of English second paper exams that were supposed to submit their reports by now, but no report has been made public as yet.
The culprits involved in the scam must be identified and handed exemplary punishment. Education boards and law enforcement people must work together so that question papers do not get leaked in future.


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