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Question paper leak

Question paper leak

Identify and punish the culprits

ONCE again a public exam question paper has been leaked, this time question of HSC English second paper of Dhaka Board, which had compelled the postponement of the exam.
Leakage of question papers has assumed an endemic scale in our country involving even the primary terminal examinations. This is highly disconcerting. And given the repetitive nature of the incident, the onus for the failure to stop the leaks must fall not only on the respective education boards but also on all those associated with setting, selecting, printing and, finally, dispatching the same to the exam centers. And one of the reasons why such incidents have been occurring frequently is the failure to take stringent actions against the culprits.
The Education Minister has moved fast and has taken some urgent measures. But he has to put an end to the leaks by having a foolproof system in place.  We are happy to note that not one but two committees have been formed to investigate the matter and the education minister has assured strict measures against the culprits. However, we would hope that the two committees will be able to identify the culprits and those linked with the syndicate.
And we would hope too that the findings of these two committees would be implemented unlike in the past, where reportedly, there have been reluctance to address the recommendations of the committees, at least of those that had been able to make some headway in the investigations. Had that not been so, such obnoxious acts, that affect severely the morale of the students, would not have happened so regularly. 


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