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Protect minorities from violence: US

Protect minorities from violence: US

Urges leaders not to support violence
Star Online Report

Condemning the attack on minority communities, the US has called the political leaders of Bangladesh to refrain from supporting violence.

"We call on all to stop committing further violence. And Bangladesh’s political leadership and those who aspire to lead must do everything in their power to ensure law and order, and refrain from supporting violence – especially against minority communities – inflaming rhetoric, and intimidation," said Jen Psaki, spokesperson of the US Department of State.

She made the comment on January 17 during a question answer session on their position on the allegations of violence against the minority community in Bangladesh.

She also strongly condemned the attacks on the Hindu community and said violence cannot be acceptable element of the political process.

"Well, we certainly are disappointed by recent incidents of violence. We condemn that in the strongest terms, the violence from all quarters that continues to mark the prevailing political impasse. Violence is not an acceptable element of the political process," she said.


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