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Probing HSC question leakage

Probing HSC question leakage

It couldn't hit the bull's-eye

THE probe body formed to find out the causes and the culprits behind HSC question paper leakage this year has come up with, among others, a curious suggestion to stop question leakage. It is that future public examinations be held without any time gap between them. Oddly enough, the probe committee has not been able to shed any light on how the question paper leakage could take place, or who might have been behind the crime.  Evidently, the probe has failed to hit the bull's-eye.
The suggested way of holding public exams has nothing new in it as, in the past, it was actually the practice. One wonders what has prompted the probe body to relate it to question leakage. The exam time spread is an issue peripheral to the problem at hand. It is hoped that the education ministry, which has concurred with probe report, would enlighten the public further about how they are going to stop future question leakage with the recommended measure.
Among other recommendations made by the probe body included having the question papers printed from presses other than the Bangladesh Government (BG) press. Clearly, this points to its lack of trust in BG press's integrity in the matter. If the investigation body has any basis for its suspicion, why didn't it go the whole hog and home-in on the potential holes in the organisation through which leakage might have occurred and recommend ways to plug it? This is unacceptable.
Leakage of question paper has called the very system of public examination into question. The government can ill-afford to take a half-hearted approach to address it.


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