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Prioritise and enact laws: JS body

Prioritise and enact laws: JS body

Star Online Report

A parliamentary body today asked the law commission to prepare a priority list for the enactment of the 49 acts mentioned in the constitution.
The parliamentary standing committee on law also asked the ministry concerned to take immediate steps to enact the laws which would be considered importance by the commission.
The laws include appointment of judges, citizenship act, special power act, women and children repression prevention act and compulsory primary education act.
“There are around 49 laws pending for enactment. But the successive governments did not take any measure to enact the laws since the adaptation of the constitution in 1972,” Suranjit Sengupta, chief of the Jatiya Sangsad body, told reporters emerging from the meeting at the Jatiya Sangsad Bhaban.
Suranjit, a senior Awami League MP, said the same parliamentary standing committee made similar recommendations to the law ministry three years back but it did not pay any heed.
“But this time (in yesterday’s JS body meeting), the ministry has agreed with our suggestion [enactment of necessary laws mentioned in the constitution],” Suranjit added.
“We will not be able to make the constitution effective unless we enact those laws mentioned in the nation’s charter. There will be constitutional vacuum in absence of those laws,” he added.
Citing an example, he said, “If we could enact the law on the women and children repression prevention act as mentioned in the constitution, we will be able to handle the issue more effectively.”
Civil society members and rights body activists have been demanding for long the enactment of the laws mentioned in constitution but no government took any move to this end due to narrow political interest in broad sense.


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