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Outrageous kidnapping incident

Outrageous kidnapping incident

Failure to protect citizens glaring

THE entire episode surrounding goldsmith Mridul Kumar Chowdhury's abduction from in front of his house in Chittagong city allegedly by persons introducing themselves as lawmen followed by his release at Burichang in Comilla six days later, comes as serious jolt to the issue of citizens' safety.
It is clear that Mridul was not taken hostage by his abductors since no ransom was demanded for his release. Why was he held for six days and then released after torture in a different district  from his home town?   What was their motive behind the kidnapping?
We may note here that in the prelude to Mridul's disappearance, there was an incident of gold-snatching from his driver in Dhaka  allegedly by a Rab member a year before.   Little  progress has been made so far in the case  that Mridul had filed against the Rab member in connection with the gold-snatching case.
But other than bringing Mridul back home from his rescuer,  a kind hearted night guard  of Burichang, the  police so far  have not appeared to  be proactive about unearthing the so-called mystery.
In our view, from the beginning to the end, the entire tale of Mridul's abduction till his rescue is a clear case of foul play.
Thanks to the kidnap victim Mridul's star that he is now safe and home with his family members. But at the same time, we are dismayed at the law-enforcing agency's failure to first provide due protection to a citizen or rescue him from his abductors, far less arrest his tormentors and bring them to justice.


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