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Ordeals of public mobility

Ordeals of public mobility

Reflect disregard for public convenience

DUE to the ill-planned construction projects being carried out on many thoroughfares of the city, the mobility of the city-dwellers has almost ground to a halt. Many arterial roads have been dug up for the construction of flyovers, repair and work on the drainage system. However, it appears that the move to alleviate city traffic has led to more suffering in these teething times. Huge piles of bricks and mud are placed on the roads, constricting the space for traffic to flow smoothly on both sides of the roads. The construction work being carried out on Mirpur's Purabi-Kalshi road and the Moghbazar-Eskaton area, in particular, is causing great distress to the people as it encompasses major routes of transport.
The nightmare is worsened, considerably, by the rain which leads to water logging and many of the automobiles stop functioning after hitting the flooded potholes. One must have the wisdom of tapering off extensive work on the projects during the monsoon season. The duty of the planning authorities in this case remains twofold -- firstly, to provide adequate diversionary space for the movement of traffic while the construction is going on, instead of taking up a large portion of the road and that, too, for extended periods of time. Usually the original timeline overshoots, crossing the threshold of public patience. Second, the authorities may consider carrying out the bulk of the construction work at night, when the traffic is sparse, as is the common practice around the world. We hope the government takes the commuters' grievances into account and completes the projects in time.



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