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  • Why have we failed to promote tourism?

    We ‘gloriously' occupied the 125th position among 136 nations of the world in the Tourism Competitive Index 2017 – we have been ranked the worst place to visit in South Asia.

  • When greed takes over

    One of the plays of five-time nominee for the Nobel Prize, Maxim Gorky, was improvised in Bengali and was named Abirampaurutibhakshan (eating loaves continuously).

  • Making the budget more vibrant

    The budget is a seasonal music that hardly runs out of notes. Most people criticise it as ambitious although that is how it ought to be.

  • Sanchaypatra: The Titanic will sink

    In 1971, my father took us to Meghalaya where our painful refugee life began. We were on daily rations. As a little boy, I used to stand in the queue and sometimes rations ran out before I reached the counter.

  • Love Bangla but do not hate English

    The two tests my school friends hated the most were English and Math. When I was a college boy at a Dhaka residential school, one of my friends did not eat egg for breakfast on the date of English exams lest he scores less in the subject.