• Friday, April 18, 2014

Our debt to the 'Muktis'

A. H. Dewan, South Kafrul, Dhaka Cantt., Dhaka

Knowing of the magnitude of loss of lives and of dignity of our women, an international journalist said, “If blood is the price of freedom, Bangladesh paid it too much.” Although we earned our victory with the help of India, the saga of our freedom fighters' sacrifices would continue to inspire us for generations to come. Pakistani soldiers dreaded the 'Muktis,' (freedom fighters, FFs) as 'Muktis' had taken the vow to die to liberate the country. As elsewhere in Bangladesh, four teenagers from my village from poor households left their homes to join the Mukti Bahini. Two were martyred, while other  two  came back victorious with others. They used to be the bread earners of their families, but they left for freeing our homeland. It is the saddest part of our history that many FFs died in dire poverty and many martyrs still remain untraced.

Published: 10:16 am Saturday, December 21, 2013

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