• Saturday, April 19, 2014


Jamaat-Shibir stranglehold in Satkhira

Break it, save people from atrocity

Ever since Sayedee verdict and particularly after the execution of Quader Mollah,  violence in all its insidious forms has been ratcheted up by Jamaat-Shibir elements in Satkhira. By barricading roads with felled trees and cutting up highways they have gone about their destructive mission within isolated pockets targeting minority community members, AL leaders and activists.
The area between three kilometers off Kadamtala road junction and Boikary in the north of Satkhira is under Jamaat-Shibir control, they are keeping vigil at important points, bashing vehicles, ransacking businesses and carrying out arson attacks. Among their ploys have been relaying rumours, spreading panic and trying to keep the journalists off.
While piecing together the reports, one is left aghast at the level of violence. In about a month's time 10 AL leaders and workers have been killed, three Jamaat-Shibir workers have lost lives in clashes with police. Add to this, the damages wreaked on 70 households and business establishments belonging to AL and members of minority community. All this has triggered an exodus of inhabitants to Khulna town and the capital city.
Against this backdrop, a campaign has been launched by the joint forces since Sunday to put a brake on the deteriorating law and order situation. All logistic support needed to tackle Jamaat-Shibir mayhem should be provided by the local administration and the higher authorities. Support mechanisms would have to be found among the local people as an antidote to extremist violence.

Published: 10:13 am Saturday, December 21, 2013

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