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Comments on news report

“8 BCL men to hang,” published on December 19, 2013

Rezaul Karim
Good news, indeed. This needs to be an exemplary punishment, so that such incident does not repeat in Bangladesh again. I hope the government will execute them soon. I also hope they do it in an open space, maybe Paltan or Suhrawardy Uddan, in front of millions as lesson to all criminals.

Carry out the verdict ASAP following all legal process.

Jafar Iqbal
All the 21 murderers should be hanged.

Saima Rouf
“Defence lawyers rejected the verdict and said they would appeal against the convictions with the higher court”—how narcissistic the lawyers must be to defend these parasites? Such lawyers, whose only goal in life is to make money, should not bother being a lawyer.

If all the crimes and violence of BCL in past five years would have been in media records, then I am quite sure by now half of BCL could be in jail.

Ash C.
Why no action against the police force who stood as bystanders when the gruesome murder of poor Bishwajit took place? They are equally guilty for not intervening to save the victim as well as not apprehending the killers—obviously because the killers belonged to the AL. However, I have serious doubt if the guilty will actually serve their sentence!

Bravo Bangladesh! Make the criminals pay.

Iftekhar Hassan
Salute to the judge who handed these so-called students death sentences (actually hooligans of Awami League) for one of the most gruesome murders. I remember, my grandson and granddaughter could not sleep that night after watching the beating to death video of this poor boy on YouTube.
It is about time PM Hasina went to Bishwajit's family and did all she can to comfort and compensate that family not from state funds but from Awami League's fund.

Published: 10:17 am Saturday, December 21, 2013

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