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They Said

THE results of the recent four city corporation elections have evinced variegated and interesting comments from various quarters, particularly from the Awami League. Of particular interest is the one made by Latif Siddique, minister for textile and jute, who said, on what can be seen as an indictment of the party's internal squabbles that the result was not defeat of the Awami League but of the 'bad characters' in the party. He made the comments at a party gathering in Tangail on June 16.

We say...

WE thank the minister for his frank admission, that it was the 'bad people' who were defeated. In saying this minister has in fact admitted that there are indeed 'bad people' in the party and those that contested for the mayoral posts were 'bad people.' In that case what are we to make of the fact that these 'bad people' were lent both blessings and support of the AL. Were that not so than how come so many senior party leaders including ministers descended on the four cities and openly canvassed for the candidates?
The minister's remark is a poor attempt at explaining away the comprehensive defeat of the AL candidates. The comment is fairly representative of the general psyche of the party leadership, except of course a few honest exceptions.
But is admitting presence of 'bad people' in the party enough? Can we ask why bad people are allowed to exist in the party at all? The AL will do well to accept the reality and make objective assessment of the election results and not hide behind verbal subterfuge. That will help make necessary rectifications to face the impending general election.

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