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The Upcoming 2014 National Election

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Which party will win? 

A majority of respondents (55%) believe that the Bangladesh Nationalist party (BNP) will win the next election. Less than 28 percent consider that the ruling Awami League will win the election, while 12 percent did not respond.

In your opinion, which party is likely to win in the next election?

party win


Which direction the country is going

Peoples' perception about which direction the country is going remains almost static from January this year. 47 percent of respondents think the country is going in the right direction while 44 percent think it is going in the wrong direction. However, as before the urban voters are more skeptic with 52 percent thinking the country is going in the wrong direction while only 37 percent believing it is going in the right direction.

Generally speaking, do you think that things in Bangladesh are now going in the right direction, or do you feel things are going in the wrong direction?

country is going

Demand for a caretaker government

Respondents were asked if they thought the next election should be held under a caretaker government as in previous elections. A large majority of respondents (77%) think that it should. Clearly this shows that people believe that a peaceful election will not be possible without a neutral caretaker government in place.

Do you think the next election should be held under a neutral caretaker government as in previous elections?

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Confidence in the Government

Citizens' confidence in the Government is based on how its activities have improved their lives, and is based on their assessment of a combination of factors, many of which has been outlined in this report. When asked if they have confidence in the Government, 55 percent of respondents said they have reasonable or high confidence while 45 percent said they have low confidence. Rural respondents and female respondents have higher confidence in the Government than urban respondents, male respondents or youth respondents.

Do you have confidence in the present Government?

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Rating of Government's Performance

How well has the Government performed during its tenure so far? Seventeen areas of Government action were mentioned to respondents and they were asked to rate the Government's performance as successful or not successful. This rating provides a summary outline of voters' perception of the Government's successes and failures during its tenure.
According to more than 30 percent of respondents, the Government appears to have been successful or highly successful in improving education and health facilities and services, increasing availability of pure drinking water, improving the quality of services provided by government offices at upazila/district levels, ensuring adequate fertilizer availability, building new infrastructure (e.g., roads / bridges / culverts) or improving quality of existing infrastructure. However, more than 50 percent of respondents believe the Government was not at all successful in reducing unemployment, keeping food prices under control, reducing corruption in government and in the judicial system, stabilizing fuel prices and controlling terrorism.

Areas in which more than 30% of respondents considered the Government's performance as successful or highly successful
highly successful

Areas in which a majority of respondents considered the Government's performance as not at all successful

not successful


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