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The Present Situation

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As a citizen of an independent nation we are going to lose the beauty of democracy. The present situation of our country is not acceptable at all. However, it is true that we gained independence after losing many lives but today we are insulting our independence because independence and politics both are good and qualitative words but some selfish and greedy political ploys are being benefitted by adopting these two sources and are leading the country towards a clash. I am requesting the Prime Minister of the country to take a suitable decision and dispel this disarray from our country as soon as possible. If the government can take proper measures, then I think all the tragedies might come to a halt. Last of all, it is my humble request to the government and the intellectuals of our country to come forward, to protect the democracy, and economy of our country from the hands of devastation.

Chy Mohaimen
Government City College,

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