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By Karishma Ameen

Revisiting taant with RangTAANT is an indispensable part of the tradition and history of our country. Woven from fine cotton threads each piece of clothing made from taant tells the story of tireless hours put into weaving this fine art. Regardless of its age of over two centuries, taant occupies a special place in every Bengali woman's heart and most will be found to have worn at least one form of taant during their lifetimes.
For the last 19 years, Rang has been working with taant and has been consistently reinventing it through different contemporary designs and styles in order to keep up with the times while keeping tradition alive.
While every year Rang has a variety of taant saris in its collection this year Rang has introduced an exclusive taant sari collection for Eid. Given the weather in which Eid is going to be celebrated this year, taant saris would be an ideal choice to opt for while paying homage to tradition.
There are three design lines this year, namely Megumala, Pahari Cotton and Utshob and each of these features a number of saris with designs along similar themes. Pure cotton, half silk and Marseille cotton are mainly featured in the collection.
Motifs widely used in the clothing of tribal people of the country can be seen extensively in the designs, especially the temple motif; these are extremely time-consuming to make, and thus are very exclusive. Tribal designs and motifs have been used to bring a certain life and variety to the traditional material and to fuse two different traditions together. Other than the saris with temple motifs, saris with 'baluchini achaals', full-body stripes and knee-length 'paars' can be seen in the collection.
The collection features 60 to 70 designs, which are ideal for casual events and Eid mornings as well, and comes at a range of Tk1,800 to Tk.6,000. As is understood from its name Rang is known for its use of bright and catchy colour in its outfits; keeping in mind the weather some soft shades have been used in the designs other than emphasising on red, black and white.
If you want a break from the heavy and conventional contemporary designs this Eid drop by at any of Rang's outlets. Be sure to check their sister-concern, Shraddha this blessed Ramadan. Finding the right attire for the family can be an ordeal, especially for the elderly members as only a few boutiques and shopping houses showcase attires for the aged.
Keeping this niche market in mind, Rang opened Shraddha, a boutique offering exclusive designs for our beloved elders.
The colour scheme for the entire range varies from subtle shades of white and grey to vibrant yet subdued red-white, yellow, blue, violet, magenta, etc.
And there is more to Shraddha than attires for the seniors; their diverse line also showcases head caps (tupi), prayer mats (jaynamaj), prayer beads (tazbih), walking canes, shawls, dhoti, bed sheets, etc.|
Check out the showroom of Shraddha at Bangladesh-UAE Moitree Shopping Complex, 2nd floor, Kamal Ataturk Avenue, Banani. Call #982 0197.

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