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Mueen, Ashraf the abductors

Testifies daughter of martyr Fazle Rabbee

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Staff Correspondent

Nusrat Rabbee, daughter of martyred intellectual Fazle Rabbee, yesterday testified that alleged Al-Badr leaders Chowdhury Mueen Uddin and Ashrafuzzaman Khan had abducted her father on December 15, 1971.
Nusrat, a professor at the University of California, USA, and 10th prosecution witness in the case against “absconding” Mueen Uddin and Ashrafuzzaman, stated this before International Crimes Tribunal-2.
During her 15-minute incomplete testimony, Nusrat said she had come to Bangladesh from the USA on Sunday to give her testimony and would leave Bangladesh on August 8.
The witness said she had been living with her parents and other family members at Jalpaiguri House in the city's Siddheswari during the Liberation War.
Around 3:00pm on December 15 Al-Badr men besieged their house, she added.
“Al-Badr men took away my father. We learned on December 18 from a journalist that he was killed at Rayerbazar killing ground,” said the 50-year-old witness.
Nusrat added the same Al-Badr men had come to their house on December 13 to gather information.
“That day my mother and I saw those strangers with trimmed beards, but we could not identify them,” she said.
“Later, when photographs of Chowdhury Mueen Uddin and Ashrafuzzaman were published in newspapers, we realised that they [Mueen and Ashrafuzzaman] had come to our house on December 13 and abducted my father on December 15,” she added.
The three-member tribunal led by Justice Obaidul Hassan recorded her testimony before adjourning proceedings until August 7 when Nusrat is expected to end her testimony.
The state-appointed defence counsels were not present in the courtroom yesterday.
Mueen Uddin and Ashrafuzzaman were indicted on 11 charges over their alleged involvement in the killing of 18 intellectuals in the last week of the nine-month-long war.
Earlier, Farzana Choudhury Neepa, daughter of martyred intellectual Alim Chaudhury, testified that her father and Dhaka Medical College teacher Fazle Rabbee along with some other doctors used to run a secret hospital to treat wounded freedom fighters and provide medical and monetary assistance to them.
Neepa, the ninth prosecution witness, also said Fazle Rabbee was abducted on the very day, her father [Alim] was abducted by Al-Badr men on December 15, 1971.

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