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Infolady wins Bobs award

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An Infolady speaks with rural women on their issues. An Infolady speaks with rural women on their issues.

Dnet's Infolady model has won 'The Bobs: Global Media Award (Jury) 2013'.
Deutsche Welle has been arranging this competition since 2004. This year 90 different initiatives under 14 different language categories were selected as finalists.
The award giving ceremony will be arranged by Global Media Forum on June 17, 2013 in Bonn, Germany.
The Infolady model was initiated in 2004 through establishing the Pallitathya Kendra Hub and over the course of time and through a process of evolution the Infolady model was born.
The model went through five stages of development since its inception. The program started with an experimental phase at the beginning and was successively followed by piloting stage, encouraging Infoladies in investment, constituting Infolady business model and matured through launching of Infolady Social Enterprise Program (ISEP).
Infolady model has become matured through implementation of 3 projects of Dnet funded by development partner Manusher Jonno Foundation.
Dnet invented this model to stimulate socio-economic development at the rural level with the concept of social enterprise in mind.
Infolady is a self-reliant employment opportunity for educated young women where they can generate income through providing verity of services to their community through use of ICT.
This model has paved the way to use information as a tool to accelerate the socio economic development of rural population and simultaneously create prospect of employment for woman.
The scaling up of Infolady model is taking place through engagement with privet sector, a for-profit social enterprise Fair Price International Pvt. Ltd(FPI).
In 2011, the Infolady model received Manthan South Asia Award and in 2010 it was the finalist in the Stockholm Challenge Award.
In 2005, the Mobile Lady model, which is the predecessor of Infolady model, received Gender and ICT Award.

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