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Silly Tales

Giving A Fright

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s01One of my cousins came over to our house after finishing his final exams to stay over and spend some time with us. He used to study in the fourth grade at the time and was very naughty. He played with my room's regulator often. I painted my regulator with eyes and mouth and also made legs and arms with a red rope. He would constantly tug on the rope and whirl himself around the regulator. One day I told him that if he kept doing it the government will charge us more money and eventually, punish us, especially the one who is responsible for such behaviour. He got so scared after I made that story up and believed it wholeheartedly and eventually stopped messing around. After he grew up a little, he realised how I had made a fool of him and now he's always extremely embarrassed to face me. We still make fun of him for believing me sometimes!

Afsana Noushin
East West University, Dhaka.


Looks Can Be Deceiving

s02When I was younger, I remember this once my aunt had come over to our place along with my cousin- Zaima. My cousin, like any other child, loved cold drinks and energy drinks and what not. The day they had come over, she saw a bottle of Speed (an energy drink) in my kitchen. She instantly took and started drinking from it without any pause. After a while she started having a severe stomach ache and after I asked her when her stomach ache started, she said it was after drinking the Speed. I asked her whether she tasted anything different and she said the drink suddenly tasted like oil. Turns out, she drank from the bottle that my mother had filled up with cooking oil. I could not help but laugh at her. She did not show up at our place for 7-8 months after that incident!

Tasmim Tabassum
BIAM Model School and College, Dhaka.


Throw Some Paint!

s03One of my best memories from school was when I was in the sixth grade. I still haven't forgotten this incident. Mother Language Day (February 21st) is usually considered a day of sorrow for the martyrs who had given up their lives to save our language and is also a public holiday. So when I was in grade 6, our principal asked us to wear panjabis and the girls, to wear sarees on that day. She also told us that there would be an art competition that we would have to take part in. During the competition though, there weren't any teachers to watch over us. One of my friends suddenly threw paint at me. Then I threw some paint back on him. In about a minute, the whole class turned into a paint-fest! Minutes later, a teacher had walked in and of course, we had gotten into quite some trouble. But the kind of fun we had is still freshly 'painted' in my memories!

Farhan Shahriar
Bangladesh International Tutorial, Dhaka.

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