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Five quit BHF

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The stalemate in hockey may get even more complicated after the premier league committee decided to stick to the prevailing stipulation of the number of foreign players to a team and made no suggestion on imposing any restrictions to BKSP players allowed for a team during its meeting at the Bangladesh Hockey Federation (BHF) headquarters yesterday. These were two of the three demands made by the national players. However, the meeting approved the declaration of holding the players' transfers (July 2-4).
These decisions came on a day when five of BHF's executive committee members, including two vice-presidents, resigned from their posts citing non-cooperation of the current ad-hoc committee and ignoring of the players' welfare.
The five to step down are: Vice-presidents Khandaker Zamiluddin and MR Manzur, members Nazirul Islam, Sultanuddin Ahmed and Shafikul Islam Litu.
Zamiluddin, who was the general secretary of the preceding committee, claimed at the press conference organised at the Mohammedan SC tent that he was ignored by the members of the committee. He also said the players' demands were 'legitimate'.
“I was completely ignored by the current committee as I was not invited to any activities of the federation. I thought it was not possible for me to work under these circumstances,” said Zamil.
Zamil also made allegations against the current general secretary and supported the players' movement against the committee.
“I heard he (general secretary Khaza Rahmatullah) was one of the instigators when the players moved against me during the last committee. I think what the players are demanding now is completely logical,” said Zamil.
Another member -- Litu -- said that the ones who are leading the committee are using it to get re-elected from a specific panel, and they are using it against the welfare of hockey. “They are setting up everything to get re-elected and things will get really bad the way they are dealing. For that, they have 'illegally' taken five nominations from the NSC quota under a single panel. If things go on like this, it will bear heavy consequences for hockey,” said Litu.
However, Rahmatullah trashed the allegations saying that Zamil himself remained detached from the activities of the federation.
“We always send him letters from the federation at his business address and we have proof of it. He himself has stayed away from the meetings. Still we made him the chairman of the media committee. But he did not perform the duties properly,” said Rahmatullah.

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