12:00 AM, March 23, 2013 / LAST MODIFIED: 11:15 PM, March 22, 2013

Road Safety

Few countries have road safety laws addressing all 5 key risk factors

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Only 28 countries, covering 7% of the world’s population, have comprehensive road safety laws on all five key risk factors: drinking and driving, speeding, and failing to use motorcycle helmets, seat-belts, and child restraints.
The pace of legislative change needs to rapidly accelerate if the number of deaths from road traffic crashes is to be substantially reduced, according to the Global status report on road safety 2013: supporting a decade of action, published by World Health Organisation (WHO).
Key to reducing road traffic mortality will be ensuring that as many Member States as possible have in place laws covering the five key risk factors listed above. The report highlights that most countries — even some of the best performing in terms of the safety of their roads — indicate that enforcement of these laws is inadequate.
"Political will is needed at the highest level of government to ensure appropriate road safety legislation and stringent enforcement of laws by which we all need to abide," says WHO Director-General Dr Margaret Chan. "If this cannot be ensured, families and communities will continue to grieve, and health systems will continue to bear the brunt of injury and disability due to road traffic crashes.”

Source: World Health Organisation

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