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Sajol Khaled

Everest triumph ends in tragedy

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Staff Correspondent

Everest expedition ends in tragedy  He conquered Mount Everest and did Bangladesh proud. But he could not get back to his beloved motherland to savour the triumph.
Mohammed Khaled Hossain, 35, also known as Sajol Khaled, met his tragic end while descending from Everest on Monday. Exactly how he died could not yet be known but altitude played a part, reports AFP quoting Nepalese tourism officials.
"We first got to know of his death from the media. Later, the Bangladesh embassy in Nepal confirmed the incident," said Shahdat Hossain Babu, Khaled's elder brother.
Referring to some Nepalese individuals, Musa Ibrahim, the first Bangladeshi to scale Mount Everest, told The Daily Star that Khaled got to the peak between 10:00am and 11:00am on the day. The accident might have occurred a few hours after he had reached the summit.
The Kathmandu Post, a leading daily in Nepal, reports Khaled lost his life at 8,600 metres.
Korean climber Ho-Seo, 34, also died on Monday, reports AFP, adding that Ho-Seo, who had reached the peak without supplemental oxygen, refused to put on an oxygen mask as suggested by Sherpa guides on his way back.
Five other climbers have died at 8,848 metres (29,029 feet) this season. Some 300 people perished trying to reach the summit in the last six decades. The bodies of some of them are still on the mountain.
May is considered the best time for climbing the Nepalese Himalayas because of mild weather. Some 300 people reached the top of the Everest so far this year, according to AFP.
Khaled was also a filmmaker. He directed a film named Kajoler Dinratri.
He went to Nepal last month.
After receiving a permit from Seven Summit Treks Pvt Ltd, he set off for his mission to conquer Mt Everest.
Earlier in May 2011, he went on an Mt Everest expedition through the north face of China's Tibet border. But he could not climb beyond 23,000 feet, as he felt sick due to accumulation of liquid in his lungs.
Khaled conquered Frey Mount (Sikkim-India), Sindhu Chuli Mount (Nepal) and Mera Mount (Nepal) with Musa Ibrahim in 2006.
Our Munshiganj correspondent reports that as the news of Khaled's death spread, a shadow of shock engulfed his village home at Singpara Hasargaon in the district's Srinagar upazila.
Khaled, youngest of two brothers and two sisters, has left behind his wife Shaily and one-year-old son.

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