12:26 AM, July 26, 2013 / LAST MODIFIED: 03:54 AM, July 26, 2013

Food Safety Act

Draft doesn't follow WHO, FAO standards

Discussion told

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Staff Correspondent

Some provisions in the draft of the Food Safety Act 2013 need to be amended as those are not up to the standard set by international organisations like WHO and FAO, said speakers at a discussion yesterday.
They said the draft does not articulate definitions of internationally recognised terms related to food safety such as risk analysis, risk management and food safety audit.
The discussion was organised by Campaign for Right to Food and Social Security in the capital's Jatiya Press Club.
The draft of the Food Safety Act 2013 was recently accepted by the cabinet. Once passed in parliament, the law will replace the age-old Pure Food Ordinance, 1959.
Speaking as chief guest, Law Commission member Prof M Shah Alam said further correction of the draft was possible at the moment.
As food safety act is related to public health, everyone should come forward and raise concerns regarding limitations of the law, said Zakir Hossain, executive director of Nagorik Uddyog.

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