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Silly Tales

Cost of Fish Burgers

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s01A funny incident occurred while I was boarding a train to Erlangen, Germany. At the train station, my uncle took us to a seafood store called Nordsee, and we all ordered their famous Buchfish burgers with a hearty amount of coleslaw and mayonnaise, even though we had to stand in line for quite some time. After getting our burgers, we were so excited to eat it, that somehow we boarded the wrong section of the train. The train was one of those which consisted of two parts, and at a certain stop the two parts would get disconnected and speed off to their respective destinations. Not realising that we sat at the wrong section, we had a great time munching down the delicious fish burgers and wondered why a certain lady jumped so quickly and ran to the other part of the train. It was later during the journey, when the conductor came and told us that we had boarded the wrong train and we would have to spend almost two hours at an unknown train station before we could catch the train to Erlangen, that we realized how much the fish burgers actually cost us!
Samiha Matin
Sunbeams School, Dhaka.


Two is Company, Four is Craziness

s02Our Social Science coaching teacher is very strict. So one day we decided to bunk his class. At first we hid in our car next to a building, but we couldn't stay there peacefully for long because many people were staring at us while walking by. So we went to search for a better hideout. As our parents might check our regular tasks, we were trying to get some of what we assumed as class work in the car while hiding. One of our friends copied our teacher's signature and gave the grades. We were so occupied in our crazy doings, we completely forgot to check the time. Suddenly, we looked through the window and saw our sir standing near our car window. To our utter surprise he burst into laughter as he had been watching us for a while now!
Mushfika Nabila Haque
Engineering University School and College,


Sliding into Pain

s03One evening, I was with my sister, Auruba, and my good friend, Tanisha. My mother and Tanisha's mother were talking to each other while Auruba, Tanisha and I were playing. Instantly, while we were playing, Auruba wanted to go on the slide. I did not want to go because I was scared of heights and Tanisha did not want to go because she wore her new frock. So Auruba asked my mom to take her up the ladder. My mother took her up, she went down the slid safely but when my mother looked back, a pile of children were waiting to get on the slide. She panicked and without a thought, she went down the slide herself and ended up hurting her back! I just want to let the grown ups know- the slide is not for you!
Addrita Sumehera Latif
The Aga Khan School,


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