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YouTube Channel Review

cartoon Hangover

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Wasi Noor Azam

cartoon hangoverIf you loved cartoons like “Fairly Odd Parents”, “Chalk Zone”, “My Life as a Teenage Robot” and even new cartoons like “Adventure Time”, know that all the shows mentioned are made by Frederator Studios.
Some time in February last year, Frederator Studios launched their own YouTube channel named “Cartoon Hangover”. The original cartoons that feature in the YouTube channel are for people who loved watching cartoons as a kid but miss how shows are not like they used to be, who have sadly grown too old to enjoy the cartoons that they used to love because they've outgrown the formulated storylines and now seemingly cheesy dialogue. Of course, it is also for people who just want to watch new cartoons.
One of their cartoons is “Bravest Warriors”, created by Pendleton Ward, the guy who made “Adventure Time”. “Bravest Warriors” is about four teenage heroes from Mars travelling the universe whenever there is call for help. Chris, the humble, confused, adorable and completely relatable protagonist is the leader of the pack. He crushes on the only female of the pack, Beth -- a feisty, responsible character who happens to friendzone him. Then comes Wallow, the big guy. He is the intelligent one and more chilled out compared to the rest of the crew. Finally comes Danny, the one with anger management problems, who is not afraid to flip anyone off who dares to dis his street cred.
What is brilliant about “Bravest Warriors” is that the characters have personalities we all love and the series envelops them in storylines which feel fresh and original. This is the only series I have encountered in which the main plot of an episode was based around a Physical Time Loop, which is too complex to explain, and you have to watch the show to actually get it. The dialogue is brilliant in this show; it is like the backstage conversations that we imagined our favourite cartoon characters having that were too edgy to be in children's television. The animation feels a lot like “Adventure Time” but with a space theme and with real humans even though the show is filled with cute aliens and monsters like the adorable Catbug, who is a fusion of a cat and a bug.
Another must watch would be the animated short “Bee & Puppycat”. It is hard to describe this short without giving out spoilers but the voice acting is brilliant, featuring a character voiced by Vocaloid, a voice synthesising software. The animation is a mix of Japanese anime and modern American animation.
“Cartoon Hangover” excels in creating cartoons that give warm, gentle hugs to every cartoon lover's nostalgia. They will also feature a lot more cartoons following this Fall, headed by the second season of “Bravest Warriors”. So be sure to pay them a visit and subscribe to them on YouTube. One more interesting thing to note is that Frederator Studios is also planning to make a “Samurai Jack” film, so that is also another thing to look out for in the future.

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