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George Bush goes bald to support leukaemia boy

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BBC Online

Bush Sr goes bald to support leukaemia boy

Former US president George H W Bush has shaved his head to show support for a boy who has leukaemia.
A Secret Service agent in his security detail has a two-year-old son who is losing his hair as a side-effect of treatment for the cancer.
The 89-year-old Republican lost his greying locks earlier this week at his coastal home in the state of Maine, said a spokesman on Wednesday.
Bush acted after he saw other agents in his detail had shaved their heads. A Bush spokesman identified the toddler only as Patrick.
Bush and his wife, Barbara, lost their second child, four-year-old Robin, to leukaemia almost 60 years ago.
The security detail have launched a website to help pay for Patrick's medical treatment.
Bush, whose son is former president George W Bush, was only himself released from hospital in January, two months after his admission for a bronchitis-related cough.
He was the 41st US president, and served one term in office, from 1989-1993.

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