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Add a little diversity TO YOUR Boishakh WARDROBE

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The concept of one-tone saris with contrast borders have long been favoured by local handlooms, and Deshal's collection is no exception. Add a little diversity to your Boishakh wardrobe this year and invest in colours that do not adhere strictly to the shada laal dress code. We love the significance and sense of appeal that these colours continue to uphold but there is no guilt in straying a little, especially if you keep to deshi weaves. Experiment with soothing hues in cream, beige and ivory, complemented by bright paars in pop colours such as orange. The overall simplicity of these saris can be offset by statement jewellery and there is nothing quite like oxidized silver to add some glamour. Opt for large neckpieces in ethnic designs that are true to the essence of Boishakh and go a long way in showcasing the handiwork of our local artisans.

Model: Azra
Photo: Rafiqul Islam
Wardrobe: Deshal
Makeup and styling:
Farzana Shakil

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