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A tulle skirt

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By nazia farzin shafiq

Today, we are going to make a tulle skirt for fancy parties. Tulle is the netted cloth that is used to make Western wedding dresses.
Page 1401Tulle: 3½-4 yards of 108" wide tulle. Since we'll be making lots of pleats and gathers, the measurements will probably work for most sizes from small to large. You can adjust for a smaller or larger size by adding more or less width.
Satin for lining: 2 yards (45" wide). Measure the length (e.g., from the waist to below the knees) and cut accordingly.
3" wide elastic: enough to comfortably fit around the waist, plus seam allowance, which is ½".
Step 1. We'll use the full 108" of tulle width for the circumference of the skirt.  Cut 4 pieces 108" by the length you'd like.  I cut four 27"x108" pieces. I am 5'3" and this was a perfect below-knee length for me.
Step 2. For the lining, cut the same length as the tulle and as wide as your hips plus about 10".
Step 3. Sew the short sides together of each tulle layer and the lining.
Step 4. Matching up all of the seams and top edges, place all four layers of tulle together. The hardest part is matching up so much tulle -- it's hard to see when it's all layered on top of each other.
Step 5. Now that the tulle is placed into one piece, pleat and pin the top edge until it's the same width as the lining.  I like to continually pin on opposite sides to keep my pleats even.  It'll take some adjusting to as you go to get the pleats right. It's okay if they're not perfect.
Step 6. Matching top edges (with lining inside of tulle and both right side out), pin and place the tulle and lining to each other.
Step 7. Stretch the elastic around your waist and cut a comfortable but snug length (plus 1/2" for seam allowance).  Tulle skirts are usually worn fairly high on the waist so keep that in mind as you measure.  Sew the short ends together.
Step 8. Open seam allowance and stitch each side down, 1/4" from the seam.
Step 9. Use pins to mark half, quarter and eighth marks around top of skirt and around elastic.  Making sure elastic waistband seam is in middle back of skirt (you can choose whether to place skirt seams on center back or on one side), pin waistband to skirt, right sides together, at marks.  The skirt will be larger at this point than the elastic.
Step 10. Stretching the elastic as you go, use a zigzag stitch to join the elastic to the skirt.
Step 11. Remove any pleating stitches that may be visible from the right side.
Step 12. Trim lining hem to same length as tulle or about an inch shorter if needed (it will then be 1-2" shorter than tulle when hemmed).  Press bottom raw edge of lining ½" toward wrong side, and ½" toward wrong side again.  Stitch in place.
Enjoy your new skirt!

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