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Rudra recalled in his verses

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Cultural Correspondent

A choral rendition by the members of Prakash. Photo: Mumit M.

TSC based cultural organisation Prakash Sahityo Sanskritik Sangathan celebrated its 19th anniversary with a recitation programme titled "Brishtir Jonyo Prarthona" (Praying for Rain). The event featured some of the revolutionary and romantic poems of poet Rudra Mohammad Shahidullah(1956-1992).
Rudra Mohammad Shahidullah was one of the leading Bengali poets of the 1970s. His poetry reflects the spirit of youth as a strong voice against fundamentalism, class conflicts, autocracy and violence against humanity. Involved in several social activities, Shahidullah is remembered for some poignant love poems. The song, "Bhalo achi bhalo theko," brought him instant fame. The song later won him a posthumous Bangladesh Chalachitra Sangbadik Samity award in 1997. 'Upodruto Upokul”(1979), “ Firey Chai Swarno Gram”(1981) “Manusher Manchitra”(1984), “Diyechhilo Shokol Akash” (1988), and “Moulik Mukhosh” (1990) are some of his noted collections of poems.
Directed by Foyzul Alam Pappu, general secretary of Prakash, the programme included 16 poems by the poet. The event started with a choral rendition of "Ishtehar," a long poem glorifying the ancient history of humanity, when, according to socialistic belief, people were living in harmony in a communal society. The poem also regrets the isolation of the modern human being in the age of capitalism and calls for unity to reclaim human equality.
Next was Sharmi Choudhury with the poem, "Bar Bar Apnar Chokh." The poem warns the individual about the ensnaring impact of romantic illusions.
Foyzul Alam Pappu presented several solo performances at the event, including the poems " E kemon Bhranti amar," "Tamate Rakhal," "Hey Amar Bishonno Sundor," "Ami Shei Obhimaan”, and "Brishtir Jonyo Prarthona". The melancholy state of a lover separated from his beloved was well reflected in Pappu's recitation especially in the poem " Ami Shei Obhiman". Menoka Som and Zakia Tazin performed solos. Monowara Begum Panna, Asit Roy, Sanjida Akhter, Debashis Biswas, Champa Talukdar, Kaniz Fatema, Shimul Mallik and Jharna Rani Mandal also recited in chorus.
The last performance of the one-hour event was "Rastar Kabita," in which Rudra Mohammad Shahidullah celebrated the vigour of the common people. It was a chorus performance by the members of Prakash.

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