12:00 AM, October 21, 2007 / LAST MODIFIED: 12:00 AM, October 21, 2007

Govt mulling appointment of 'assistants' to advisers

Says Gen Moeen

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Unb, Dhaka

Army Chief General Moeen U Ahmed, now visiting USA, has cleared his position about drawing loan from bank, saying that he took the loan according to bank rules and has been repaying it every month.
"I have taken that amount of loan as permitted under bank rules and I have been repaying it every month," he told private TV channel ATN Bangla at JFK Airport in New York on Friday.
The army chief said question of taking a loan of Tk one crore does not arise. "I have not even taken a loan of Tk 60 lakh."
Replying to another question, General Moeen said he repays the loan from the money he gets from house rent every month. All these are documented, he added.
The army chief said since the prime task of the present government is to free the country from corruption, anyone from army, caretaker government and government officials should not get tangled in it. "Everyone should remain accountable."
About appointment of consultants, he said the council of advisers of caretaker government is usually appointed for 90 days. But since this government is to remain in power for two years, it is difficult for 11 advisers to run the administration as each advisor is in charge of four ministries.
Gen Moeen said the government is examining the possibility of appointing "assistants" to the adviser by maintaining the constitution.
Earlier, the army chief had a meeting with Congressman and Co-Chair of Bangladesh Caucus in US Congress Joseph Crowley.

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