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Introduce zoning system for best use of land

Experts tell seminar

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Staff Correspondent

Experts at a national seminar yesterday said priorities-based land zoning system should be introduced to ensure best use of land and water bodies in the country.
They said the land use policy (LUP) will have to be updated focusing on mapping of land zone.
The seminar titled 'Towards a feasible land use policy for Bangladesh' was organised by CARE Bangladesh in cooperation with the Association for Land Reforms and Development (ALRD) and Human Development Research Centre at LGED Bhaban in the city.
Renowned economist Prof Abul Barakat presented the keynote paper at the seminar where he mentioned that about 48 percent of rural households are landless.
“The country has over 1.5 core bighas of khas land. Of it, only 12 percent of agricultural khas land and three percent of water bodies have so far been distributed. But 54 percent of the landless who received the khas land could not retain the land in their possession,” he added.
Prof Barakat suggested introduction of land zoning system giving priorities on agriculture, housing, forest areas and wild life, water bodies, roads and highways, educational and health institutions, and industrial parks.
He also suggested for setting up a 'Khas Land Bank' to preserve all types of records on khas land.
Land Secretary Mosleh Uddin said regional based land use policy should be formulated because types of land are not same in all areas.
“The co-ordination between khas land and landless people has to be established for eradicating poverty from the country,” he said while addressing as chief guest.
He also suggested introduction of online digital land recording system instead of existing manual recoding so that the practice of making false documents centring land can be stopped.
Manirul Islam, chairman of Land Reforms Board, proposed for setting up separate land tribunal for resolving land-related cases.
Justice Golam Rabbani, Khushi Kabir of Nijera Kori, CARE Bangladesh Deputy Country Director Hasan Mazumdar and CARE- run Shouhardo Project Advocacy Coordinator Seema Gaikwad also addressed the daylong seminar.

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