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Youths rekindle spirit of '71
Tens of thousands of people raise voice against religion-based politics, demand capital punishment to war criminals, vow to boycott Jamaat-Shibir (February 9, 2013)

The rekindling of 71's spirit by our youths has opened a new opportunity for us to protest against injustice, misrule, misuse of power, corruption, nepotism, etc. Let Shahbagh become the focal point of our protests against corruption like Padma bridge scam, railway gate scandal, etc.
I am proud of our young generation. Please go ahead; we are with you.
Salute to those youths who gave the wake-up call to the nation.
We should also protest the wrongdoings of our government and oppositions.
Misir Ali
That's the spirit! Keep it up! We're always with you. Let's show them that we, the people, can do anything if we want.
The new generation who hates the dirty politics of compromise is united for one demand -- capital punishment of war criminals and banning their politics in our country. The supporters of war criminals will face the same fate.
A Choudhury
I am proud to see the human sea of young generation recreating the spirit of 1971. Those who collaborated and actively participated in the in crimes with the Pakistani forces against our people must now migrate to their beloved Pakistan.
Muktadir Hossain
We will hang all the Rajakars. That's the oath of the youth!
Congratulations to our youths. I wish they were equally vocal against the thuggery of our politicians regardless of their party affiliation.
I request my friends at Shahbag to please convince our top two leaders of the two major political parties to come together to protest against Jamaat-Shibir.
Amjad Hossain
Jamaat-e-Islami committed criminal activities in the country during the Liberation War. A court of international standard could have been set up with international judges. A 'Bangladesh spring' should start in Bangladesh to drive out the old corrupt politicians from all political parties of the country. Bangladesh does not belong to any coterie: Awami League or BNP or Jatiya Party. Young and honest blood should join politics today.
Tirtho Mahmud
This effort of the new generation is highly commendable. However, I think it should be a platform to boycott not only Jamaat, but also violent student politics in all its forms. The memory of Bishwajit who was hacked to death in front of the world media is still fresh, and similar brutality is taking place in Bangladesh every now and then. I sincerely hope the organisers will be able to keep this spirit of positive activism alive and spread in other areas of local politics that resort to violence and bloodshed.
Dr. Mokhlesur Rahman
The 1971 spirit is back. Let all the anti-Liberation forces be eliminated from the country. Let the youths lead the protest peacefully until the objectives are achieved.
Syed Karim
Earlier in the week, I was shocked to see Jamaat and Shibir thugs violently protesting the sentence of war criminal Quader Mollah. This is outright treason and an insult to those 3 million Bangalees killed by the Pakistan army. I am glad to see the patriotic people of Bangladesh took to the streets demanding death sentence for all the war criminals.
Ahmed Badruzzaman
I am proud of the stand our new generation has taken. For too long politicians have used the war crimes issue to gain political advantage, while those who committed war crimes went scot-free. Now that the youth and the people have spoken out, there will be no room for such machinations. I hope the country's politicians, of all parties; will also take notice of this. Rampant corruption and muscle power of these politicians will also not go unchallenged.

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