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Here are some comments that came in response to Tuesday's The Daily Star news report headlined “Stand up for 3-min”
Misir Ali
Go ahead! The entire country is right behind you...
Mohammad Zaman, Missouri, USA
Let's seek justice. And let's end the culture of impunity.
Parvez Babul
The whole nation is supporting this movement at Shahbagh. Definitely, we will stand up for three minutes at 4:00pm today to express our solidarity. We love our country, Bangladesh, which was won with blood.
Turja, Canada
Great movement. Do not feel disheartened, even slightly. Criminals never win.
I am deeply impressed by the sincerity of our Bangladeshi brothers and sisters in demanding justice for the ghastly acts of Jamaat-Shibir.
Shuruj Kazi
Kick out Jamaat.
Mohammed Shah Alam Khan, Canada
I would like to congratulate them on behalf of the freedom fighters living in Canada. Keep up the spirit of Liberation War.
The brave and committed protesters should also come up with the demand of trying all corrupt politicians, bureaucrats, money launderers and loan defaulters.
Bazlur Rahman
Let us all express solidarity with the young generation.
Asad Zaman
Right now I'm far away from Shahbagh, but my heart and soul are with the spirit of this movement.
Forty years after our Independence, Bangladeshi people have raised their voices for justice. How long will it take to get justice? I want to tell the Shahbagh protesters, please don't stop when this is over, there are other issues to address. Criminals are walking free. Hang them all. All are looking at you, my brave brothers and sisters of Shahbagh.
Ganesh Chandra Saha
The war criminals deserve only death penalty. These monsters with the help of Pakistani military killed innocent Bangalees during our Liberation War. Jamaat and other political parties who supported them should also face trial. The political party which was against the very creation of our country has no right to carry on with their activities here.
Let us get united so that this unique way of protest for a noble cause does not go in vain.

Here are some comments that came in response to Tuesday's The Daily Star news report headlined “All but 35 MPs did it”
Shame on you if you vote for them again!
Rafiq M
Nothing surprising! Taxes are meant for the poor and middle class and not for the elite, and certainly not for the public representatives. Thank you, MPs!
Which country except Bangladesh allows duty-free cars for people's representatives?
Truth Teller
Where do the MPs and ministers get money to buy such luxury vehicles? Their salary for their job cannot be that high.
How come government asks the citizens to pay taxes regularly when their MPs and ministers do not pay any taxes?
Shame on us, we are the ones who stand in long queues and get them elected. We are to blame...
1000 crore is a big amount for a poor nation to lose. With this amount of money, at least 1000 schools could be set up. Will the youths of Shahbagh pay attention to this?
The scam will never stop. Most of the MPs are rich and greedy and it is obvious why they are in the parliament.
An Observer
They all are thugs and not lawmakers. Otherwise, how could they deprive the poor country for such luxury?
It shows once again how corrupt our elected lawmakers are!

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