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Thousands join Shahbagh sit-in

Demand capital punishment for Quader Mollah; protests spread across country
(February 7, 2013)

Wish I were there in the demonstrations against war criminals. It makes us proud today to unite against the enemies of our beloved Bangladesh.
Md Raisul Islam Rois
People must continue their movement on the streets.
Sanjoy Barua Chowdhury
Hats off to the young generation! We will win soon.
This action of the people can only be compared with that of Bangladesh's historic days like February 21, March 7, December 16 and March 26th. People always win and they will win this time also. It is an acid test for the government to use the power of the people to go ahead with the trial of war criminals and ensure security of the tribunal judges to award capital punishment where applicable, without fear or favour.
Question to the nation's conscience: Why did we not stage candle-lit vigils and sit-ins when Bishwajit got murdered in daylight? Why did our patriotic people not bring out processions and chanted slogans when our honourable PM protected the communications minister when he is all but guilty of corruption in the Padma Bridge project?
Syed Badrul Ahsan
The spirit of Joi Bangla prevails! Our joy is in knowing that our young people, descendants of the war generation, are today out there to uphold the truth as it first manifested itself in 1971. Bangladesh is our pride. Our children are our hope. We will endure and we will prevail!
Kazi Salim
Congratulations to the organisers for holding this historic protest against the verdict of Qader Razakar. Go ahead, the entire nation except some of the black sheep of 1971 are with you and will join you and continue the protests until all these notorious Razakars, Al-Badrs, Pakistani collaborators, killers and thugs are hanged.
I support the movement from Sydney. May Allah give the country's youth the strength to continue the movement.
Truth Teller
People should also demonstrate like this against bad governance, corruption by ministers and politicians, autocracy, dynastic politics, etc., etc., by all political parties including the current Awami League government.
The tragedy of the modern world is not the strident clamour of bad people but appalling silence of good people. Shahbag has broken that silence. Salute to the young generation.
Sabir Majumder
I am impressed and inspired by the mass participation in this peaceful public rally in capital Dhaka. Let those Rajakars be brought to justice.
Don't let politicians snatch away the spirit.
Mohammad Jasim
These demonstrations remind us of what happened in Egypt and other Arab nations, which made the dictators step down from power, whereas we the mass people here are demanding justice against a section of people who perpetrated genocide, rape and so on in 1971. So victory will be ours.

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