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Here are some comments that came in response to Sunday's The Daily Star news report headlined “Twenty cops assaulted”

BNP ought to remember that regarding Jamaat, people are unanimous. Khaleda Zia, be prepared to face dire consequences for backing up Jamaat.
Roni Rahman
When law enforcers and administration abuse their power by persecuting, beating, arresting and killing the political opponents, then at some point people take the law in their own hand. The government is responsible for failing to maintain the law and order.
How strange! How could the supporters of war criminals who committed heinous crimes against humanity during the Liberation War to stop the birth of Bangladesh come out in daylight on the street to press home their illegal demand? If this is allowed with no deterrent punishment, very soon the supporters of all crimes will follow that and the country will plunge into serious anarchy which will destroy our democracy, peace, economic and social progress. People should come out to directly oppose these illegal activities.
Mufassil Islam
Not too long ago, the AL leader called for 'logi boitha' movement to demand so-called justice and now the opposition adopted the same tactic.
Misbah Uddin Sumon
We are really afraid of the future of Bangladesh. Politics is for the welfare of people, society and country. Today this theory is just a theory, not followed by the government or oppositions. That's why we are not safe anywhere. Last night two hand-made bombs were blasted in front of my university hall. Conscious people should create awareness among the public to avert political instability.
Rohan Sudarsan
Police deserves this, for they are so politicised by the government.
Kazi Salim
What happened to the CCTVs in Narayanganj? Are they working or not? Those cadres are looking like a killing squad in their outfits and actions. Police should get well prepared to face those cadres with all sorts of protective gears and weapons.
Police officials of Bangladesh are acting like goons of the present government and harming the people. The scene of beating the police should be solace to those whom the police tortured.
Why is the RAB so silent when police are so badly beaten up by the hooligans? It is disturbing to see the police officers or law enforcers are beaten unconscious by those hooligans. The law enforcers must use all sorts of non-lethal means such as water cannon, pepper spray and other effective means to restrain those violent law breakers.
Md. Ismile
My salute to the Bangladesh Police for showing utmost restraint on the face of brutal attacks. Bangladesh Police has set an example for police all over the world. We stand by the families of all policemen and pray for their safety and well-being.

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