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BPL Payment

Owais Shah clears the 25% air

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CricInfo, Chittagong

Owais Shah has clarified the delay in the 25 per cent of his 75,000-dollar payment was because of an error in the bank details he had provided. He had initially complained about not being paid despite receiving a remittance slip from the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) and had termed the situation "embarrassing" for the board.
"In regards to my initial payment of 25 per cent, the issue has been rectified," Shah said in an email sent via his agent. "Initially, the bank details I provided to the BCB didn't seem to go through properly which was unfortunate. It resulted in the delay but the BCB have acted very efficiently and I'm now happy with where things stand, which is great."
BCB's acting chief executive Nizamuddin Chowdhury said Shah's reaction was "premature" as the payments often take a few extra days to process. The bank had confirmed on Thursday that the transfer of the amount was not possible without the correct IBAN (International Bank Account Number).
“A player of Owais Shah's reputation gave a premature reaction in the public domain. This is regrettable," Chowdhury told ESPNcricinfo. "Our bank sent us a correspondence on Thursday that the IBAN was incorrect and hence, his agent provided us with the information again and we had to make the transfer once again. Apart from the IBAN, a player has to provide his name, account number and swift code in order to transfer money from the country. In good faith, we had also given him the remittance slip that the bank provided us, so it is quite clear where we stand in this regard."

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