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Feb 24:
The World Bank approves $1.2 billion loan.
Apr 28: The government signs a loan deal with the WB.
August: The WB raises corruption allegations.
Sept 13: The global lender suspends the loan.
Sept 21: A WB report raises graft allegations against the then communications minister Abul Hossain and his company.
September: The Bank says loan will be revived if Abul goes.
Oct 21: The government rejects graft allegations and refuses to remove Abul.
Dec 5: Abul is shifted to the ICT ministry, but the WB demands his removal from the cabinet.
Fresh talks begin; the WB attaches four conditions, including removal of Abul and PM's adviser Mashiur Rahman.
June 29: The WB cancels the loan as the talks fail.
July 2: The finance minister urges the lender to withdraw the cancellation.
July 23: Abul resigns; other donors pledge the government with help in negotiations with the WB.
Sept 3: An ACC investigation committee quizzes Syed Abul Hossain at the commission office.
Sept 19: The government sends Mashiur's leave letter to the WB.
Sept 20: The WB returns to the project.
Oct 5: The WB announces to form a three-member panel to review the ACC investigation into the corruption allegation.
Oct 14: The WB external panel arrives in Dhaka on a two-day visit.
Dec 1: The external team arrives in Dhaka for a second time.
Dec 4: The ACC team submits its draft report that included names of Abul Hossain, former state minister for foreign affairs Abul Hasan Chowdhury and businessman Nixon Chowdhury, who is also brother of ruling Awami League Whip Noor-E-Alam Chowdhury.
Dec 9: The ACC inquiry team submits its final report recommending filing of case against seven persons, excluding the trio as no hard evidence was found against them.
Dec 17: The ACC lodges a case against seven persons, excluding Abul Hossain and Abul Hasan.
Jan 9:
The WB review panel expresses dissatisfaction for not including Abul Hossain, saying the former minister was personally involved in the corruption conspiracy.
Jan 17: The government urges the Bank to make its decision within January about financing the project.
Jan 23: Prime minister reiterates finance minister's deadline, saying if the WB does not decide within January 31, the government would fund the project itself.
Jan 30: Finance minister says he sought WB president's appointment in February.
Jan 30: Bank President Jim Yong Kim says there will be no funds until certain conditions are met.
Jan 31: The government withdraws from WB loan.

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