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Jamaat banks on aggressionHalf-day hartal today in Dhaka, Ctg; full day in country; BNP backs it (January 31, 2013)

Truth TellerBNP leaders are just being foolish in supporting the anti-Liberation forces like Jamaat-Shibir. People of Bangladesh do not like it.
Shakoor JilaniThe real face of BNP is exposed now.
BarkatEvery political party in the past resorted to violence and destruction. Why just blame Jamaat? AL is committing the same type of violence through its student wing BCL, state police, etc. The crimes committed by BCL cadres in broad daylight across Bangladesh are more dangerous than Jamaat's activities. Jamaat men have at least been brought to justice, bu rowdy BCL elements are getting away with impunity.
CitizenOnce again BNP took its position in favour of the war criminals. This will definitely leave a big scar on the face of BNP and its alliance. Young voters are progressive. They support the war crimes trial. The public support that Jamaat still have will soon evaporate in consequence of recent atrocities by Shibir. For the security of general people, government should take strong steps to stop these hooligans. The government should consider arresting the top leaders of Jamaat and raiding their houses and offices to recover huge arms and ammunition rumoured to be stacked there to create anarchy and stop the trial of war criminals.
It's a shame that this defeated force of our War of Independence is getting support from BNP. Traitors should be dumped by the people.
Misbah Uddin Sumon
No conscious citizen will support hartal or any kind of vandalism because it hampers the economic development of the country. But in Bangladesh, hartal is a democratic right. If any political party is suppressed by the government in any way, ultimately they call hartal. But hartal should be called when there is no other option left before them to protest.
Jamaat should not resort to violence since everybody outside Awami League knows that the trial is unfair with many shortcomings.
Hang all Jamaati and Awami terrorists.
A reader
The trial of the war criminals must be completed soon. The Jamaat-Shibir men are getting so aggressive day by day. The verdicts of the trials should also be implemented immediately to teach them a lesson that the nation will not tolerate the war criminals doing politics in the country. If we delay the trial, Jamaat men will get stronger which will harm the nation more. So try all the war criminals ASAP.

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