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Here are some comments that came in response to Tuesday's The Daily Star news report headlined “Jamaat, Shibir strike terror”
Selim Reza
Those who committed heinous activities across the country do not have morality. The Jamaat-Shibir cadres must be brought to justice.
Roni Rahman
We reap what we sow. The Shibir activists did not do anything different than the BCL. If the government encourages political crimes and vandalism by BCL, on what logic they blame Shibir for doing the same? This incident only shows the depth of the violent political culture we have created and still nurturing. Today it is Shibir, yesterday it was BCL, and tomorrow it will be JCD. The problem is with our whole political culture.
Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. The Awami League government is entirely responsible for creating such atmosphere that left the oppositions with the only option of fighting on the street.
Enough is enough. Please ban the politics of terror.
These violent criminal attacks should be condemned by all parties. Also, all student wings of the political parties should be banned as they are just tools of terror and these student bodies bring disrepute to most law abiding students.
Abol Fazal Syed Mahbub Baksh
Activities of these anti-liberation forces should be sternly dealt with, and now.
Labu Khan
This time I agree with our Finance Minister AMA Muhith who said the violence had proved intelligence failure.
Iftekhar Hassan
I pray Bangladesh does not turn into a country like Pakistan at the end. I personally don't like religion-based political parties. However, I am willing to tolerate their practice of democratic rights.
Politics of persecution by the government and politics of vandalism by the opposition parties -- both must end. The training on civic behaviour has to start from kindergarten level. There have to be TV, newspaper advertisements on encouraging good behaviour by citizens.
Mohammad Nurul Hoque
If Jamaat becomes the part of government in near future, Bangladesh will become a hell.
Turja, Canada
Beware. This is a prelude to turn the country into a Taliban state.
Mijanur Rahman
It looks like the government is sitting like a lame duck awaiting its impending fall. If its machinery cannot protect the citizens and their interests from a peripheral force like the Jamaat, it is not difficult to predict what might befall the country if any stronger elements with ulterior design try to destabilise the country. It is high time the government used its full force to contain these nefarious forces that are unleashing terror in the country with the overt intention to jeopardise the ongoing war crimes trials.
Mahmudul Hassan
I am shocked at how the political parties are destroying our country. General people are frightened and cannot protest against such attacks. Government and all political parties are responsible for this situation.
Md Shahjahan
On the basis of electronic and print media photos, arrest and punish those culprits who created this mayhem.
Ahsan Kabir
The government should hold a plebiscite on if Jamaat-Shibir should be banned from politics and come to a decision through passing bill in parliament. The government should respect people's opinion in this regard. I believe more than 80% people of the country will vote for banning the party involved in activities against humanity during our Liberation War.

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