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Schools abuzz with spell-fest

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Moyukh Mahtab

The best three spellers out of thirty with their Golden Tickets in Willes Little Flower School, left, from Blue Bird School and College, four spellers were chosen to go on to the divisional rounds, centre, and the smiling qualifiers from Shahan International School, Rangpur, right.Photo: STAR

“The feedback and enthusiasm from children has been wonderful,” said Tasmina Begum, acting principal of Willes Little Flower School and College, as the Champs21.com quest for divisional qualifiers for Spelling Bee continued yesterday in the country.
It was easy to judge the truth of her comment - the school auditorium was filled with eager participants with their friends cheering them on.
The School Activation Rounds for Spelling Bee, organised by Champ21 is in full swing with four schools from Dhaka, three from Rangpur and two from Sylhet visited yesterday.
The competition in Dhaka was fiercest in Willes Little Flower School where thirty participants put their spelling skills to the test in a competition that lasted five rounds. Sadman Zarif Hossain, Sanzida Yasmin and Asif Iqbal Sohan - all from class eight- qualified.
The competition was intense with nervousness in the air. Ashraf, who didn't qualify said, “I could have won this,” referring to the silly mistake that took his chance away.
The qualifiers from Viqarunnisa Noon School, Bashundhara were Nusrat Shahreen, Tamanna Mahzabin Moumita and Boishakhi Anam. The other six qualifiers from Dhaka were Abu Abdullah, Kazi Ibtisham Fahim and Ayesha Tun Nashrah from Rajuk Uttara Model College and Farhan Zahid, Maisha Ahmed and Asid Haider from BIAM Model School.
In Sylhet, Abhijeet Acharjea Jeet, Nabila Zannat Rifa, Zareen Tasnim Nadi and Mahir Ibn Shafiq were selected from Blue Bird School and College. From Agrogami Girls' High School & College, Atiya Tahira Tasnim, Sanjida Yeasmin Shawrna and Bushra Al-Raquib secured spots.
Champs21 also visited three schools in Rangpur. Tonmoy Kumar Sarkar, Ahnat Raiyan Suchcha and Md. Zubayer made it from Rangpur Zila School. Md Yeasteak Ahmed Saad, Touhida Islam and Ridwana Rahman Suhridi made it from Shahan International School while Sharmistha Sarkar, Meheka Mahmud Shagufta and Mir Ashraf Ali qualified from Biam Laboratory School.
Those who did not qualify from their schools still have a chance to participate as they can play the Spelling Bee Game by logging into www.champs21.com. Schools with the highest number of qualifiers from Online Rounds will be awarded.
The final of the Spelling Bee is scheduled to be held in June. Last year Champs21 visited around a hundred schools. They expect to visit more than three hundred this year to select qualifiers for the divisional rounds.
Detailed information about the competition is available on www.champs21.com, the first e-learning portal of Bangladesh.

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